What does 'Radix' mean?

'Radix' means root or base.  We believe that we offer the foundation for a healthy life.
We have created an environment that is supportive and is ready to positively impact our clients health.


Crossfit vs. Radix

CrossFit is cool-we totally get it, but there are downfalls that come with this amazing sport.  We have gained many of our clients from crossfit gyms due to injuries. CrossFit was originally designed to provide for athletes who are already conditioned for intense exercise with correct form allowing them to safely participate in the crossfit routine.


Can I train by myself?

Of course! We are a family owned gym and like to offer flexibility to our clients. 
Please talk to your trainer to work out an appropriate schedule that helps supplement your current training.


Cancellation Policy

Please let our staff know 48 hours in advance of any cancellations, trips, or if you just need a breather.  Sessions (for nutrition too) are only good for up to a month unless you have discussed with us a reason for extension.